Year 11 Integrated Science ATAR

What is Integrated Sciemnce ATAR all about?

The Integrated Science ATAR course enables students to investigate science issues in the context of the world around them. It incorporates aspects of biology, chemistry, geology and physics, and can also include less traditional areas, such as forensic science and biotechnology. Integrated Science encourages students to be questioning, reflective and critical thinkers about scientific issues. Students apply their scientific knowledge in areas such as vehicle safety and driving, personal lifestyle choices, the management of water resources, environmental issues associated with biodiversity and conservation, and sustainable use of energy. Students develop a range of practical skills and techniques through investigations and fieldwork in context, and use scientific evidence to make informed decisions about scientific issues.


Unit 1

Physical Sciences

Reaction time

Speed and Distance

Newton’s Law of motion

Sound and Waves



Unit 2





To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:

  • Science Inquiry: Practical and Investigation 35%
  • Extended Response 10%
  • Test 20%
  • Exams 35%