Childcare General

 What is GENERAL Children, Family and the Community all about?

This course focuses on things that influence child development and the wellbeing of children, their families and their communities. You should develop an understanding of the factors that affect an individual’s ability to develop skills and lead a healthy life.

This course includes Pegasus play group sessions each week. These sessions are attended by families from the local community with children between the ages of birth and 5 years.


Who should select these units in Year 11?

You should select this course if you have an interest in children; their conception, their growth and development, their families, their lifestyles and the services available to them.



This course caters for students thinking about a career in areas such as early childhood education and care, nursing, community services and health.


Areas of Study

UNIT 1 – Building on relationships

  • Principles of development
  • The relationship between developmental domains
  • Theories of development
  • Impact of change on family and individual development
  • Influences on growth and development
  • Features of products, services or systems developed for families and individuals
  • Cultural diversity
  • Ethical and legal awareness
  • Rights and responsibilities of individuals and families

UNIT 2 – My place in the community

  • Factors impacting on growth and development of individuals
  • Theories of development
  • Impact of government and community strategies on development
  • Advocacy and advocacy skills
  • Decision making processes and working collaboratively
  • Human and non-human resources
  • The concepts of inequity and injustice

To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:

  • Investigation – written research assignments
  • Production – craft activities, cooking for children, developing resources for individuals, families or the community
  • Response – play group journal, self-evaluation, multi-choice and short answer tests