Textiles General

What is GENERAL Materials Design and Technology Textiles all about?

This is a practical course. You will explore and use textiles materials to design and manufacture of products such as clothing, bags, cushions and quilts. You will develop a range of manipulation, processing, manufacturing and organisational skills along with problem solving, idea generation, design and communication skills.


Who should select these units in Year 12?

You should select this course if you have an interest in, or want to develop, textiles design or production skills which showcase your individuality



This course develops employability and could lead to further training and employment opportunities in areas that include textiles and clothing manufacturing and design.


Areas of Study


  • Textiles and their uses
  • Design fundamentals and skills
  • Environmental impact of the textiles industry
  • Communication and documentation techniques
  • Production planning including material selection, costing and time planning
  • Safe use of equipment and machinery
  • Fibre types and classification
  • Common fabric structures
  • Construction techniques
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Aesthetic, physical and chemical properties


  • Factors affecting design
  • Design needs and performance criteria
  • Communication and documentation techniques
  • Production planning including selection and costing of materials and production management skills
  • Risk management in practical classes
  • Fibre types, classification and origins
  • Fabric structures
  • Decorative techniques used to enhance appearance
  • Construction techniques
  • Embellishment techniques
  • Aesthetic and functional properties of textiles

To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:

  • Design – development of designs, use of written or graphic communication
  • Production – construction, finish and quality of articles produced is assessed
  • Response – self-evaluation of products and production management skills