Visual Art General

What is GENERAL Visual Art all about?

Students will have opportunities to express their imagination and creative skills by producing and presenting a series of artworks. They will use problem solving skills and creative thinking to inquire, explore and experiment with different mediums to produce resolved artworks. Students will be introduced to mediums and techniques such as sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, ceramics, textiles, drawing and multimedia.

Students will be taught to understand, interpret and evaluate Art Works, developing their visual literacy skills. Students will gain knowledge of Art culture both in Australia and internationally, looking at both historical and contemporary art.


Who should select these units in Year 11?

  • You enjoy hands on activities
  • You are interested in Art and using different material to create an artwork
  • You are imaginative and creative
  • You want to use Visual Art within your future studies.


Upon successful completion of these units, students would progress to General Visual Arts Unit 3 and Unit 4 in year 12.


Areas of Study

UNIT 1 – Experiences

  • Based on students’ lives and personal experiences
  • Experimentation and discovery of different mediums and art processes to produce artworks
  • Explore visual Language in directed tasks and activities
  • Use safe and appropriate work practices
  • Organise and display works
  • Evaluate and discuss art work
  • Interpret art works from a range of contexts

UNIT 2 – Explorations

  • Explore ways to generate and develop ideas using a variety of stimulus materials and explorations from their local environment.
  • Investigate works of other artists
  • Students explore ways to express personal beliefs, opinions and feelings.
  • Manipulate a variety of media and materials in a range of art forms, recording and reflecting on their artistic achievements.
  • develop artwork through experimentation and media manipulation

To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:

Practical and hands on tasks.

Final Artwork Produced.

Written reports.

Investigation assignments.

What is General Visual Art all about?

In the Visual Arts General course, students engage in traditional, modern and contemporary media and techniques. Students express their imagination and develop personal imagery, skills and engage in the making and presentation of artworks. The course promotes the development of aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness that assists students to appreciate, and make, informed evaluations of art. Students analyse and evaluate artworks from a range of historical and cultural viewpoints and develop an appreciation of the role of art in the community and their daily lives. Through their art experiences, they come to an understanding of broader questions about the values and attitudes held by individuals and societies and gain an awareness of the role that art plays in reflecting, challenging and shaping societal values.

Who should select these units in Year 12?

An understanding of the Year 11 General Visual Art content is assumed knowledge for students in Year 12 General Visual Art. Students with an interest in the arts; those who enjoy both the practical and theory of the arts are encouraged to select General Visual Art.


The Visual Arts General course aims to enable students to make connections to relevant fields of study and to prepare them for creative thinking and problem-solving in future work and life.


Areas of Study


  • Students become aware that artists gain inspiration and generate ideas from diverse sources, including what is experienced, learned about, believed in, valued, imagined or invented.
  • Students develop their knowledge of visual language through exploration, investigation and experimentation and apply this to both art making and art interpretation.
  • Students are involved in art making research, reflection and response to consider the ways in which artists, past and present, have been inspired to develop artworks.
  • Students present or exhibit their finished artworks.


  • Students explore and develop ideas through the investigation of different artists, art forms, processes and technologies.
  • Students investigate spontaneous and analytical styles of drawing, experimenting with a range of media and techniques.
  • Students explore the expressive potential of media techniques and processes, considering their inherent qualities in the development and presentation of their artworks.
  • Students investigate ways to document their thinking and working practices, refining their reflection and decision-making skills.
  • Students investigate a variety of artworks and media to further develop their understanding of the creative process and learn how to apply new analytical and production skills

To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:

  • Art Making and Portfolio
  • Written Investigation, Analysis and Externally Set Task