Media Production & Analysis ATAR

 What is ATAR Media Production and Analysis all about?

ATAR Media Production and Analysis is about the critical analysis and creation of modern media forms. This involves identifying what is meant by ‘popular’ culture and looking at the types of media, ideas and audiences from which popular culture evolve. Students will also undertake more extensive research into the representation and reporting of groups and issues within media work. Students view, listen to and analyse a range of media, develop their own ideas, learn production skills and apply their understandings and skills in creating their own productions. They are encouraged to explore, experiment and interpret their world, reflecting and analysing contemporary life while understanding that this is done under social, cultural and economic contexts and institutional controls and constraints.


Who should select these units in Year 11?

While students do not need a background in Media, it is advisable that they have achieved solid marks in English, as there is a strong written component to this course.


Students wanting to select ATAR Media Production and Analysis will need to have successfully passed the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) in Year 10 or prequalified by achieving Band 8 or higher in the Year 9 NAPLAN.



Students will have the option of continuing with ATAR Media Production and Analysis in Year 12, where their marks and production work can contribute towards their ATAR. Although not a pre-requisite for some courses, successful completion of Media Production and Analysis is highly desirable for students wishing to study Media or Creative industries in tertiary study. Work may also be used for portfolio entry to TAFE of SAE.


Areas of Study


  •  Audiences and Representation
  • Context, Values and Attitudes
  • Cinematic conventions and genre
  • Production skills


  • Point of view and Bias
  • Documentary conventions
  • Non-fiction narratives
  • Codes of Practice

To provide for different learning styles a variety of assessment tasks are used. For each course of study tasks are selected from:


  • Film Trailers
  • Documentary Film
  • Advertising
  • Written Responses
  • Poster/ Graphic Work
  • Film Editing and Special Effects