Important Country Week Information

We received information late yesterday that School Sport WA has made the decision to cancel all inter-school sport competitions for Terms 1 & 2 this year. This cancellation includes Senior High Schools Country Week. While our students will be disappointed with this decision, School Sport WA has made the decision for the long term health and welfare of everyone in the community.

Fri-Yay Mentor Challenge

Another successful FRI-YAY mentor challenge was held when Mr Wisker’s VS. Mr Vitalis’s Mentor class in a Dodgeball competition held at Lord Forrest precinct Lunch 2 on Friday.

It was a very close game having ‘Carlin & Kemuel’ as the last standing for each team in a neck to neck draw!

Obviously we needed a winner therefore a ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS off was played to determine the winner….


Next Fri-YAY mentor challenge is Week 7 – Ms HOFFMAN VS Ms GAVAN – Student Services – L2