Cert II Engineering

What is VET Engineering all about?

VET Engineering is for students who enjoy working with metals, hand and power tools, machines, welding and getting your hands dirty. You will develop practical skills and knowledge in a range of metal and engineering industry areas. This is also a suitable course for those who are undecided about whether they want to head into the automotive and/or metal fabrication trades.

Who should select this Certificate in Year 11?

  • Any student who is interested in metal fabrication, fitting and machining, plant mechanics and electrical.
  • A student who has tried or wants experience in the engineering area.

Certificate Progression

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students could progress to the following certificates:

  • Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • Certificate III in Engineering – Industrial Electrician
  • Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction
  • Certificate III in Locksmithing

Career Pathways

The following job opportunities for this pathway are:

  • Surface Finishers
  • Engineering tradesperson
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Welder
  • Plant Mechanics
  • Boilermaker
  • Mechatronic Engineer
  • Locksmith
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer