College Board

 EGC College Board

The College Board consists of representatives of parents, community members and staff. Meetings are held throughout the school year. 

The College Board plays a key role in the governance of the college. Enabled by the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000, the Board makes decisions about the overall direction of the college and focuses primarily on: 

  • Planning, policy development and review
  • School performance evaluation
  • Ratification of the college budget, charges and contributions
  • Determining the dress code for students
  • Promoting the college in the wider community


CHAIR – Hugh Gallagher

Ted Forkin

Sam Spearing

Robyn Mazurak

Chrissy Hadfield

Josie McCafferty

Vanessa Butler

Katie Seghini

Pippa Baxter

Amy Palmer

Gordana Grubelich

Dan McCormack

Janine Rushton – Secretary